rap battle

My company (Caiman Consulting) has our Annual Meeting every year in a tropical location (we’re primarily on the west coast so either Mexico or Hawaii). This year we were on Waikiki Beach in Oahu. Anyway, part of the trip is a four hour mandatory meeting for employees to review the past year and talk about goals and changes for the next year. It can get a bit dull so part of my job (I decided) is coming up with something fun and/or weird to do in the middle of the meeting to wake people up. I’ve had some hits and misses over the years but usually manage to get some laughs and get people’s energy up for another two hours of talking business.

This year, my friend Mark Churchill (who runs the overall meeting) and I came up with a clever plan. Prior to the day of the meeting, we planted some seeds that he and I were feuding because he wouldn’t let me do a funny presentation. We had a couple arguments in front of our coworkers to sell the idea. Then when it came time, he started presenting a “funny” presentation with lame jokes – which I started booing. This led to a verbal confrontation which led to a full on Rap Battle!

If you don’t work for Caiman, you probably won’t get all the jokes, but you may find this enjoyable anyway. Here’s the link.